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About Us


Health for Schools and Communities Foundation is a non-profit organization which is committed to promoting health and wellness in schools and communities. Our organization engages in activities that promote health, improves lifestyle, empower and supports human development in schools and communities adversely impacted by lack of access to basic and preventive care. We will focus our services in California and West Africa.


Healthier and safer communities with improved access to preventive health


  • Health promotion, education, and wellness
  • Promote health equity and access to care
  • Promote dynamic partnerships with other organizations to enhance and support human and community development
  • Strengthen local health care facilities in South-Eastern Nigeria to prevent and manage chronic health conditions and improve maternal and child health


  • Teach health education and wellness consistently to children from elementary up to high school
  • To educate and empower communities to adopt healthy lifestyle
  • To promote access to essential primary and preventive care; including immunizations, HIV/AIDS screening in areas where appropriate
  • To promote and support fitness activities in schools and rural communities
  • To partner with other agencies and non-profit organizations to strengthen local health infrastructure to improve health care access
  • Promote and encourage community initiatives in development
  • To promote and advocate programs in areas of child and adolescent education and health
  • To prevent illnesses and violence in schools and communities through early exposure to health promotion, wellness, and intervention programs