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What We're Doing

Lifestyle related diseases are major causes of mortality and morbidity among children and adolescent in the United States States.  According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, children ages 9-12 are the risk of involvement in violence and related activities, alcohol and drug abuse, tobacco including electronic cigarettes, premature sexual relationships leading to unintended pregnancies and diseases, unhealthy dietary habits, and dislike for physical fitness. Millions of US children and many in developing countries are also, and in addition lack facilities for proper physical education, health education, access to proper healthcare and preventive health.  Empowering these children through health education and promotion will save them from clinging to these risky and  unhealthy lifestyles and empower them to adopt better choices  while still in school.

In addition, through education and teaching better lifestyle options, we reduce the number of adults addicted to bad lifestyles.  Health for Schools and Communities Foundation is envisioned to teach school children health promotion, healthier lifestyles, and empower them to engage in safe activities in order to develop to their fullest potentials.  Help build a health school environment and hence a healthy community by donating to our cause. You are the change you want in the world.

Projects in View

  • 10, 000 Free Primary Healthcare books to Nigerian colleges, universities, and schools of nursing

Seeking partners and donors for planned distribution of 20, 000 free copies of Primary Healthcare in Nigeria: Overview, Challenges, and Prospects to educational institutions in Nigeria by 2016. This project is aimed at improving primary healthcare awareness and building partnerships with local entities. The  cost of each copy of the book is $15. Sponsors of 50 copies and above will receive an autographed copy of the book, have their names on a page of each book donated to a particular institution and will be recognized on our website as partners. Please donate generously.

  • Providing Health education and life skill programs in West Contra Costa Schools and communities 

Teach health education and promotion to schools and communities and provide activities that empower students to adopt positive lifestyles while in school.

  • Promoting physical fitness and wellness in schools

 Encourage students to engage in physical activities and adopt it as a way of life in schools. We intent to build model play structures in schools in Nigeria where facilities and equipment are lacking in primary schools.

  • Renovating/Building Health education centers in rural South Eastern States of Nigeria

 We plan to build community health education centers and equip them with health education material. Most of the health centers have not been renovated since after the Civil War in 1970 and are in bad shape as shown in the pictures on our web page.

  • Chronic disease screening and management in Nigeria

Screen local residents for diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, and cataracts. Supply glucose monitors and blood pressure kits to local residents.

Currently we are providing services to the people of Nigeria and specifically addressing chronic diseases. In 2016, we provided services to over 250 adults including children. We equally provided cervical and breast cancer screening for women in local communities.